Results of the survey on WatchTime Brasil 2015

Between the 22nd of June and the 26th of July 2015 we conducted another research on our portal in order to get to know our readers better. Using the research platform Surveymonkey, they were invited to answer a questionary via our social networks, our weekly newsletter and our portal by pop-up window and an editorial article. In 35 days 448 people participated. We would like to thank all that helped us with their participation.

We show you here some of the interesting and relevant results:

1.) Biggest part (55%) of the participants bought at least two watches in the last 12 months

WatchTime Brasil Pesquisa 2015

Translation: How many watches did you buy in the last 12 months? “Nenhum” = none, “ou mais” = or more
2.) More than 72% plan to buy a watch still this year

WatchTime Brasil Pesquisa 2015

Do you plan to buy a new watch this year? “Não” = no, “Sim” = yes

3.) Nearly 40% is willing to spend more than R$ 7.500 for a watch, 20% more than R$ 15.000

WatchTime Brasil Pesquisa 2015

In general, what are you willing to pay for a new watch? “Menos de” = less then, “a” = to, “Mais de” = more than

4.) Big majority (79%) uses specialised internet portals to inform themselves before buying a watch

WatchTime Brasil Pesquisa 2015

What are your main information sources before buying a new wrist watch? (max. 3 answers) “Revistas segmentadas” = Special interest magazines, “Portais especializados na internet” = Specialised internet portals, “Joalherias” = jewellers, “Amigos e conhecidos” = Friends and acquaintances, “Outra fonte” = Other source

5.) Half buys watches out of Brazil, but participants that buy abroad find information in Brazilian Portuguese and the presence of the brand in country important

WatchTime Brasil Pesquisa 2015Where do you buy watches? “Joalherias multimarcas no Brasil” = Multibrand jewelers in Brazil, “Lojas/boutiques de marcas de relógios no Brasil” = Stores/boutiques of watch brands in Brazil, “Nos EUA” = in the US, “Na Europa” = in Europe, “Outro” = Other

WatchTime Brasil Pesquisa 2015 Do you think it is important to have information on watches in Brazilian Portuguese? Do you think the presence of a brand having a boutique/store in Brazil is important? “Não acho importante” = I don’t think it is important, “Neutro” = neutral, “Acho importante” = I think it is important

6.) Biggest part of our readers are male (98%) with more than 40 years (75%)

WatchTime Brasil Pesquisa 2015

What is your gender? “Masculino” = male, “Feminino” = female

WatchTime Brasil Pesquisa 2015

Your age is between: “até” = up to, “anos” = years, “ou mais” = or more


Furthermore, we received a lot of comments from our readers giving a feedback about our work. We would like to share some of those with you and thank for the compliments. (Original comments in Portuguese.) All hints and requests for certain kinds of content we are analysing and we will consider them in our editorial work.

“Congratulations for the daily updates! It’s concise, very well written and very interesting. A work from someone who knows the topic. Please go on like this!” (23 July 2015, 12:16 pm)

“Dear all, Having a specialised media where you can have access to various watch brands, is important in order to promote the watch market and to encourage investment in the watch segment in Brazil. I would like that there would be more events for watch lovers so they can exchange experiences. Kind regards, Flávio A.” (22 July 2015, 8:45 pm)

“I don’t know most of the brands shown on the portal, but I  like to see them and read about them on the portal. Lots of very interesting watches.” (7 July 2015, 5:47 pm)

“The team is to be congratulated on the work and excellent published material!” (2o July 2015, 7:55 am)

“Very good to count on this portal and to read every day about launches of brands and events in an up-to-date way.” (6 July 2015, 6:08 pm)

“Superb website to improve the knowledge and the interest about watches. Information about trustworthy resellers would very interesting. Congratulations to the whole team.” (26 June 2015, 2:24 pm)

“Exceptional, enlightening and even ‘exciting’ the articles published by you. Congratulations!” (25 June 2015, 9:10 pm)